Welcome to Baldwin Lincoln near Covington, LA which now offers the new Lincoln SmartLink! The SmartLink is an OBD-II Plug-In Device that brings connected vehicle features to 2010-2018 Lincoln Vehicles without an embedded modem are eligible. Whether you already have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in your Lincoln vehicle model or need assistance updating to the latest technology, our tech-savvy staff enjoys sharing the knowledge about the Lincoln SmartLink

Lincoln is always listening to their customers on what we can do to improve their vehicle's experience better. The people have spoken! Highly sought after values that surround our customer's and their cars include:
  • Control over the numerous features Lincoln MKZ and other models have to offer,
  • Vehicle Health to maintain a consistent and enjoyable drive from place to place,
  • Connectivity to all devices in the vehicle while on or off the road,
  • Security and Safety that takes into account the overall well-being of our customer's and their loved ones while also delivering...
  • The Efficiency which encompasses the latest cutting-edge technology that our customer's value and sought after the most.
Below, we went ahead and broke down the values in which we see are most important. We go into detail on why each one is a paramount concern of ours and how we are able to provide to our customers the value in their 2019 Lincoln MKZ with the new Lincoln SmartLink.
Vehicle Health is a critical element that Lincoln owners value the most. The Lincoln SmartLink notifies the owner about the maintenance updates, the oil life with oil changes being required, and many other factors correlating with your vehicle's health. The SmartLink app will notify the owner what needs attention while easily connecting with the dealership to take immediate action.

Connectivity & Efficiency

Connectivity and Efficiency are crucial factors in today's digital era. The Lincoln SmartLink offers a WiFi Hotspot built in to bring the entertainment with you on the road. By having a more efficient WiFi connection, you can get more done without the inconvenience while still enjoying the beauty of the highway. Kids wanting to go to the park? Then let the kids enjoy the outdoors while you are catching up on an essential email with work for the family. The efficiency is impeccable when it comes down to the kids watching a movie while on the road with no interruptions to keep the whole family happy.
Control is a huge factor when it comes to value and our Lincoln owners. The SmartLink is continuously sending a flow of information to the Lincoln MKZ owner on updates about the app and about their vehicle. This insightful amount of information makes the owner feel that much more in control while giving peace of mind.

Safety with Security

Security and Safety are a necessity so much that by calling it a feature would not show the highest of concern for our customers. The Lincoln SmartLink has to offer amble information on how it takes our customer's safety into account. The app notifies you through a text message or alert if any unexpected motion has been detected around or in the vehicle. The Lincoln SmartLink acts as your personal 24-hour bodyguard to keep you and your family safe from harm's way. Plus, if you are feeling uneasy about the whereabouts for your child, the program can tell you how far they are away from home to give you peace of mind. Without a doubt, we can guarantee that Lincoln MKZ and other models take care of our customers while enjoying a smooth drive.  

Lincoln SmartLink

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