Owner Advantage Rewards


Owner Advantage Rewards

Baldwin Lincoln is all about providing you with quality and unmatched automotive services. To reward you for your service loyalty, and as a token of our appreciation, we offer Owner Advantage Rewards®. For every occasion that you visit our dealership, you get to enjoy reasonable prices, rebates on services, and other related perks. Be a member today and receive a $10 enrollment bonus.


There are several benefits to being a member of the Owner Advantage Rewards® program:

Credit for Future Service Visits, Regardless of Car

Regardless of whether your Lincoln or any one of your other cars is in need of our services, we will reward you with a 5% credit on service visits and part purchases, which can also be applied for later visits or purchases. To enjoy this benefit, simply notify the Service Advisor in charge that you are an Owner Advantage Rewards® member.

Easily Convert Service Rebates into Rewards

With your Owner Advantage Rewards® membership, you have the option to convert service rebates into rewards for future maintenance visits instead of the standard prepaid debit card. This can be incredibly useful if you often have your car (or cars) maintained by our technicians. Visit the official Lincoln Owner website to claim your service rebates.

Keep Track Using the Owner Advantage Rewards® Mobile Member Card

Joining the Owner Advantage Rewards® program gives you access to a Mobile Member Card app that allows you to keep track of your membership balances, as well as keep up-to-date with our special offers for parts and services and more. Visit the Lincoln Owner Advantage Rewards website and input your member number to gain access to this incredibly useful app.

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Rebates for credit card purchases may not be registered to an Owner Advantage Rewards® account. The capability to apply rebates to an active Owner Advantage Rewards account might be limited in some areas. Contact us for more information on rebates.

Message and data rates may apply during use of the Mobile Member Card app.

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