Lincoln driver assist technology delivers assurance and heightened awareness through cutting-edge technological safety features. Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 near Baton Rouge LA is a collection of five of our leading driver assist technologies that helps ensure the safety and security of everyone in the vehicle. 


Five technologies of Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 near Baton Rouge LA 


One of most challenging tasks when driving is avoiding changing lanes when there is another vehicle in your blind spot. Even though you check your mirrors and glance using your best resource, your eyes, accidents still happen. Since we cannot continuously monitor all three mirrors and the entire vehicle exterior at once, Lincoln has added technology to their vehicles to do it for us. BLIS, Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert, monitors your blind spots to identify and alert you if a vehicle enters your blind spot. It truly is as if you have another set of eyes. The Cross-Traffic Alert component detects traffic as it approaches from either side when you are backing up. This is especially helpful in busy parking lots. 

2. Pre-Collision Assist

Another excellent safety feature is Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, which helps decrease the seriousness of a car crash or even avoid a collision all together. It scans the road ahead, searching for other vehicles or pedestrians using radar technology and issues a collision warning and if necessary. In situations where the driver may be unable to react in time, this system can also apply the brakes.

3. Lane Keeping

Drivers will greatly benefit from the Lane Keeping System, which uses strategically placed cameras to scan and monitor lane markings. This helps the vehicle identify when you have crossed out of your lane. When this happens, the system alerts the driver and is capable of guiding you the Lincoln vehicle into the intended lane.

4. Rear-View Camera

This safety feature adds confidence when backing out a parking spot or driveway. The rear-view camera displays the image from the rear camera to your center touchscreen, including guidelines and audio prompts to assist when backing into or out of any spot worry free.

5. Auto High Beams

Though this feature seems simple enough to operate manually, it helps lessen driver fatigue and increase focus on the road ahead without being concerned with turning your high beams on or off. Drivers will not have to worry about forgetting to turn the brights off and accidentally blinding an oncoming vehicle. Auto High Beam Headlights scan the road for other vehicles, then automatically adjusts lights to high beam or low beam based on results of the scan. During foggy or rainy conditions, the Lincoln vehicle will scan and adjust as well to provide you with the best and safest view.

Together, these systems give a 360-degree view of the Lincoln vehicle and acts as an assistant to the driver, hence the name Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 near Baton Rouge LA.  The system is offered in several Lincoln models, depending on trim. Our product specialists at Baldwin Lincoln are eager to show you how incredible this safety suite really is. For more information on Lincoln safety, including Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 near Baton Rouge LA, visit Baldwin Lincoln for a product demonstration. 


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