Lincoln is committed to developing an experience for their clients; they understand life gets busy and they value your time. Lincoln is dedicated to providing luxury beyond the driver’s seat, so the automaker created Lincoln technology in Covington LA that preserves your time, allowing you to focus on what matters. That’s the Lincoln Way.

  • Waze has been integrated into the infotainment system that provides directions to your destination with real-time traffic updates.

Alexa Integration
  • Lincoln + Alexa provides access to 30,000 Alexa Skills.

Lincoln + Clear
  • Provides identity verification with over 60 of the busiest airports and stadiums
  • Eyes and fingertips get you through security quicker using biometrics
  • 6-month CLEAR memberships
  • 12-month CLEAR memberships for Black Label clients

The Lincoln Way App
  • Through Lincoln Pickup & Delivery we will work around your schedule and drop off a loaner vehicle when picking yours up for service.
  • Locate your vehicle with the app; it remembers your location.
  • Remote Start allows you to start, stop, lock, and unlock your vehicle with a tap.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360
  • Driver-assist technology
  • Blis monitors what’s around the vehicle and will alert you when a vehicle is entering your blind spot. 
  • Cross-traffic alerts notify you when a vehicle is approaching from either side as you are backing up. This is especially helpful while backing out of a parking spot. 
  • Pre-Collison Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking can help you avoid, or reduce the severity of, an accident. The system uses radar technology to scan the road ahead for pedestrians or vehicles and will alert the driver or apply the brakes.
  • Lane Keeping System monitors road lane markings to detect lane drifting. When a driver is leaving the lane, this system will assist in steering back into the lane. 
  • Rear View Camera displays what’s behind you on your screen with cues to assist in backing into any spot.
  • Auto High Beam Headlights continue to scan the road at night and automatically adjust to a high beam or low beam when appropriate. 

  • Provides personal 24/7 service regarding benefits, services, and vehicle information
  • Available for current Lincoln owners and potential Lincoln clients while shopping for a new Lincoln
  • Your Lincoln Concierge is a great resource for learning about Lincoln technology in Covington LA as well!

Driving Ease
  • Auto Hold – When driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic and anti-lock braking system is activated, it allows you to take your foot off the brake without the vehicle moving.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go – The driver can set the speed and distance from the vehicle ahead, and Adaptive Cruise Control will accelerate or decelerate as needed.
  • Distance Alert/Indication – When your vehicle gets too close to the vehicle in front of you it will alert you to back off.

Evasive Steering Assist
  • With the use of cameras and sensors, Lincoln vehicles can detect a possible frontal collision. The vehicles can apply the brakes and help you steer around the obstacle.

Forward & Reverse Sensing Systems
  • As you maneuver in or out of a parking space the systems can alert you to objects in your path. Objects can be detected within six feet of the front and rear bumper to warn the driver with a chime to avoid an accident.

360 Degree Camera
  • Uses a combined view of four cameras situated on the front, rear, and sides, providing a bird’s-eye view around the vehicle.

Active Park Assist & Enhanced Active Park Assist
  • Will assist you when parallel parking is challenging and chimes when vehicles get to close.

Rain Sensing Wipers
  • Will activate as soon as precipitation is detected and automatically adjusts to the best fit speed. 

AdvanceTrac with Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control
  • When driving in harsh weather conditions your vehicle can trigger brakes and adjust throttle if it senses a loss of traction.

Baldwin Lincoln is committed to providing the most advanced Lincoln technology in Covington LA along with continuing their dedication in providing the ultimate driving experience. Stop by Baldwin Lincoln to speak with a product specialist and discover The Lincoln-Way!

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